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Enabling AI and IOT Combined

We build more than kiosk machines
Ours are technology hubs, this is why we are TEQHUB. A TEQHUB machine is a converging point of people and technologies to connect, gather and share information, and process transactions. TEQHUB is digital, intelligent, secure and connected.

Internet of Things

TEQHUB gives you a headstart on your IoT masterpiece - converging on complete IoT (Internet of Things) value chains ranging from intelligent wireless communications, IoT as services, turnkey, to analytics solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

TEQHUB provides navigational and conversational AI with complex solutions for businesses and enhances customer experiences. The intelligent products perform duties and answer questions for tech support, purchases and policy information.

Azure Kinect

Azure Kinect DK is a developer kit with advanced AI sensors for sophisticated computer vision and speech models. Designed for versatility, it combines an advanced depth sensor and spatial microphone array with a video camera and orientation sensor—with multiple modes, options, and SDKs.

Modern Kiosk

TEQHUB has world-class capabilities in providing turnkey secure kiosk, digital signage, transactional systems, touch screen directories, interactive wayfinding, and remote management software solutions.
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We envision a digital identity service that is simple, smart, and secure.
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We believe that digital interactions should be privacy-enhancing, secure, intelligent, and efficient, we bring trust to an increasingly connected world.
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Mark Johnson
Web Developer

Design is about creating spaces for people to enjoy and of course, creating moments where you elevate the spirit, but 'design for good' is figuring out a program that not only creates better spaces, but creates jobs, creates new industry and really kind of raises the conversation about how we rebuild.